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conservatalk is a "different" kind of conservative community. It is a place that welcomes all political ideologies whether conservative, liberal, or anywhere in between. Come here to talk about conservatism with fellow conservatives, or to challenge conservative ideologies.

Let's face it, politics can get heated. Because of that, and the fact that this community welcomes all to comment on conservatism, there are a few rules that will attempt to keep the discourse reasonable and civil.

Violation of any rules will be examined on a case by case basis and may result in a warning. Repeated warnings may lead to a permanent ban.

Community Rules

  1. Only topics related to conservatism or politics are allowed. That can encompass a lot of different things to different people however conservatism does have a generally understood meaning in the U.S. and other places around the world. You can write about any political topic you want as long as it has something to say to, or about, conservatives.
  2. Keep your arguments civil (insofar as that is possible). Thoughtful, reasoned, discussions are encouraged. There is no problem with getting into a heated debate but calling any political ideology, or it's adherents, "evil" or any variety of derogatory names belongs elsewhere.
  3. Linking videos or articles if perfectly fine, but at least a paragraph of original content is a must. Express yourself. We want to know what you think, not just see you cut and paste the latest headline.
  4. Deleting posts and comments is not allowed.
  5. Screening or freezing comments is not allowed.
  6. Trolling is not permitted. Because trolling is highly subjective this rule sits in sort of a gray area. Any violations will be handled based on the individual situation. Suffice it to say that purposefully inciting a fight will be frowned upon.
  7. No NSFW imagery. Adult themes and discussions are fine, but leave the porn out please.
  8. Use an lj-cut for long posts. Anything more than two or three paragraphs is considered cut-worthy. (Instructions)
  9. Plagiarism is not allowed. Any attempt to claim content as your own that you did not in fact produce is highly distasteful and not conducive to discussion.

Clarification on rules #4 and #5: The intention of these rules is to prevent the author of the post from censoring others in the community. If a post or comment violates the rules of the community, it may been screened or deleted by a moderator. If a comment or thread appears to be devolving into a drama-fest or a flame war, moderators may freeze the thread to prevent it from continuing.

Please feel free to contact any of the maintainers if you feel a rule has been violated and someone will review the situation as soon as possible.

Special note!: Yes, this is a conservative community, however any complaints will be handled fairly regardless of the political ideology of the complainant or the maintainer. We all strive for fairness and accountability regardless of our backgrounds or the background of the member involved. If you have a problem with any of the maintainers please feel free to contact another maintainer to discuss the issue.

Also, remember that our moderators are members too. We like to discuss and debate as much as anyone. No moderator will moderate their own post and you will never have to wonder if you are being moderated. The moderators will make it clear when they are speaking as moderators v. as just another member.
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